You Don't Need to Overcomplicate Starting an Organizing Business...

If you’re anything like I was, you’re pretty excited about this whole Professional Organizing thing…

My students are taking the shortcut, implementing everything I’ve learned from more than 10 years now, right from DAY 1 to get results much, much quicker and I couldn’t be more proud!

If you haven’t watched our introductory training, I highly suggest starting there to hear my story and how we can help you!

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Here's Our Students "Win" Wall! Are You Next?

Ruth sold a $10,000 organizing package!

Cathy is a Professional Organizer who also helps busy entrepreneurs. With our help, she’s growing and scaling!

Soon after Julie started our training, she sold over $1000 worth of organizing hours!

Wendy took the time to build systems, relationships, and BOOM… She hit her 1st of many $10,000 months!

Janna switched to offering packages like we teach and made over $1000 from a simple organizing project!

With our help she was able to launch quickly and she’s grown to consistent $5,000 months and just recently had her 2nd $10,000 month!

We helped Johamy from ground zero, with only 1 day a week to work, to getting her first client, to building a team, to hitting $10k – $15k months in her organizing business!

We helped Rachel grow a team and, just getting started, she sold a $4,000 package of organizing. (We show you how to create packages of hours in our 3-day training)

A HUGE accomplishment is building a team you can trust to go out and do projects for you while you’re on vacation!

From nanny consistently selling 30 hour packages ($1500 each), Tina is rocking her organizing business!

Caroline used everything we share about in the 3-day challenge and is loving the fact that she’s booking clients and creating her dream organizing business!

Within just a few days of hearing about us, Christa jumped right in, implemented, and her business took off!

Ready to Create Your Own Success Story?

Our complete training is designed for anyone who has a passion for organizing and wants to create their dream business where they can get paid over $50/hr from simply helping others get organized. No previous experience is needed… We’ll show you how to organize professionally, how to get clients, and how to grow and scale your business to the income level you want…

It’s all inside our Art of Professional Organizing interactive coaching program.

There’s 10 complete modules PLUS live weekly coaching so you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed throughout the process.  Everything is organized nice and neatly.

What really stands us apart from everyone else out there is we’ve been helping others start and grow professional organizing businesses since 2011. We’ve refined and recreated our training every few years and have worked with over 100 guest experts who have all contributed to the training in here.

Already in Business and Need More Clients?

Adam is co-owner and co-founder of Organizer Club and helped launch Cynthia’s business back in 2009.

He has over 20 years experience with website development, online marketing, and is an expert in Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

He’s personally managed over $500,000 in ad spend for Organizer Club and $10’s of thousands in ad spend specific to students businesses.

From 2009 – 2015 he worked full-time for a multi-million dollar online publishing company as a marketing consultant specializing in split-testing while also helping Cynthia launch and grow both her organizing business and coaching business.

In 2015, he went full-time with Organizer Club and is now head of marketing, copywriting, website development, and growth.

Many of the marketing training provided within Organizer Club was created and based off Adam’s personal experience.

Personally, he is a father of two young kids and loves hiking, exploring, and continuing learning everything and anything about business, marketing, and living a fulfilled life.