Become a Professional Organizer

How to Start and Grow Your Own Organizing Business

Our Personal Story

Hi, Cynthia here… Personally, I started out of a desperate need to find a way to earn an income, but many of our students start because they’re tired of their job, or they’ve been a stay at home mom and are ready to finally “do something for themselves!” Since starting, we’ve helped over 1000 launch and grow their professional organizing businesses all over the world.

Training & Coaching

Whether you’ve already started or are brand new, our step-by-step training with included weekly coaching may be the missing link between where you are now to reaching and surpassing your income goals.

Success Stories

Over the years, many of our students took some time to share their feedback on how we’ve been able to help them start, grow, and reach new heights in their professional organizing businesses… If you’re looking for some inspiration, motivation, or just to see what others’ have thought of our training, go ahead and take a look!

What Our Students Have to Say