What is a Preferred Organizer Association™ Member?

Those that display the Preferred Organizer Association™ member badge signifies that they have invested and are dedicated to ongoing education as a professional organizer. 

Preferred Organizer Association™ members have access to over 70 hours of training brought to them by a wide range of industry experts across many different fields including NAPO speakers, Certified Professional Organizers®, ADHD specialists, Business Coaches, CPO-CD®, and other industry experts.

Every 2 weeks, POA™ members interact and learn from industry experts through a live 1-hour webinar training. Topics rotate each time to ensure all professional organizers in our network are always up to date on organizing strategies and best practices when it comes to making a real and profound difference in their clients’ lives.

Hiring a Preferred Organizer Association™ Member is a great choice because they are dedicated in their education, they strive to be the best they can, and can serve you at the highest level.


A Note to Professional Organizers:

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Preferred Organizer Association Member, please click for more information.