More Than Ever, Millions of People Are Overwhelmed With Their Clutter & Chaos and Need Your Help!

COVID-19 Notice: The following video was recording before the outbreak. We're now including how to do Virtual Organizing so you can work safely from home.

The Art of Professional Organizing 12-Module System

+ Now Includes 4-Part Virtual Organizing Training!

✔ We fully understand now is NOT the time to be going to clients homes, but Virtual Organizing is a much needed and in-demand service. So many people are unfortunately stuck at home wanting to make their environment more relaxing. That’s where you can help with Virtual Organizing!

✔ Our 12-module training + the 4-Part Virtual Organizing Training includes everything you need to gain professional level organizing skills and get up and running quickly as a Virtual + Hands-On Professional Organizer. Some students even completed the entire training in a few weeks.

✔ This is an action-based system, complete with step-by-step checklists that guide you through everything. There’s nothing I love more than being organized, so I want nothing less for you!

✔ By the end of the Hands-On & Virtual Training, you won’t be scratching your head wondering what to do next to get clients, you’ll have your business already established, your website already live, your marketing in place, and the confidence to take on your first client (virtually or in-person).

✔ You aren’t just learning, you are walked through carefully planned out action steps that will lead you to the success you’re after, just like it’s done for so many of my students before you…

The 4-Part Virtual Organizing Training Includes...

✔ Over 4 Hours of Virtual Organizing Training from industry expert Miriam Ortiz y Pino. She’s been working with clients hands-on and virtually for over 12 years now with great results…

✔ The “Essentials to be a Great Virtual Organizer & What’s the Biggest Difference”

✔ How to Convey the Benefits of Virtual Organizing and Get People To Say “Yes” to Hiring You as a Virtual Organizer / Coach

✔ Ways of Structuring Your Virtual Organizing Sessions, Types of Sessions You Can Offer, Pricing/Packages & Length of Sessions

✔ Tools For Virtual Organizing To Make All of This Run Smoothly

✔ Real World Examples of Virtual Organizing Projects So You Can Feel Confident With Yours!

✔ The Biggest Lessons Learned From Virtual Organizing & What To Do About Them

✔ AND… All of the above is JUST from Session #1… There are 3 other packed sessions.

✔ The following 3 sessions include how to be a better Virtual Organizing Coach, How to Take Things to The Next Level, and a Final Q&A Session to Make Everything As Easy As Possible!

✔ The MOST IMPORTANT takeaway here is that YOU CAN do this virtually. You can start your professional organizing business as a virtual organizer and then move into hands-on once the current Corona-19 outbreak passes. Or, if you choose, you could always do this virtually!

Kamryn, a student of ours, was just 18 when she joined and told me she didn’t think anyone would take her seriously because of her age…

However, she’s had 14 clients in her first two months with an average project size of 10 hours and she’s in a small town too.

At 18, I was still working at Winn-Dixie 😂

This is the Training and Resources I Wish I Had When I was Getting Started… Saves So Much Time!

Really, this is my life’s work, it’s what I’m passionate about helping others with… carefully structured in an organized way to make it as easy as possible, save you from making costly mistakes, and have you getting clients quickly. I want to see you get results and that’s what my system does.

Throughout the 12 modules I cover things like…

✔ How to come up with the perfect business name

✔ What you must do to operate as a legal business (it’s cheaper than you think)

✔ How to get a free phone number for your business

✔ What exactly to record for your voicemail message (and what not to say).

✔ How to get your hands on the exact same business cards I use and what to put on them

✔ The 3-step guide to setting your rates competitively, and how to get clients to see the value!

✔ I give you a home tour and show how to professionally organize kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, linen closets, regular closets, bedrooms, offices, paperwork, mail, photos and more…

Our student Cindy’s very first client is downsizing TWO homes into a 1.6 million dollar home! Wow!

Cindy has a full-time job and was able to schedule this client around it and make it work for her…

That’s what’s great about this business, you can make it work for you and your unique needs!

And what’s more…

✔ Included are done-for-you elevator speeches so you’ll have the perfect answer when asked, “What do you do?” It’s important to have a quick and effective answer.

✔ And there are over 30 videos on how to work with clients, because this is so important because working with clients is different than simply organizing because you are doing so much more than just organizing.

✔ You’ll discover what you should always do when performing the “Initial Consultation” – The training in this section will show you what to do, the questions to ask, and what you should never say to a client!

✔ You’ll get a work bag tool list – All professional organizers have a work bag, and I’ll show you the most important tools and items you’ll need to have in there.

✔ Discover the secret to estimating hours per project – Clients like to know this before you begin their organizing project, and I’ll give you easy guidelines on what you should do.

Carries great and she’s been with us for years now.  She recently shared with us that she has had over 300 clients since starting!

She’s helped 300 people reclaim their spaces and find that peace and calm.

It’s just so incredible and unreal, right?

And even more…

✔ You’ll know how to manage your client database – No matter how good your memory is, this is a must-have once you start working with multiple clients!

✔ You’ll learn the simple process for taking great “before and after” pictures – This is a critical skill to learn – especially for demonstrating your work to potential clients.

✔ You’ll know how to work within a client’s budget! – This is extremely important so clients know what to expect and there are no “big” surprises!

And this isn’t just about the money you make, which can be great, but it’s about making that lasting impact for others…

Julia is living her dream and she’s been able to help so many people live healthier and less stressful lives. It’s just so incredible!

People need your help organizing!

I’ll also show you . . .

✔ The best places to shop for supplies in order to accommodate your clients’ needs.

✔ The most common items to purchase that will help your client stay organized.

✔ And you’ll know how to amaze your clients with what you do…so they’ll refer you to friends, family, and beg you to come back as they have more organizing projects!

✔ You will learn step-by-step how you can offer and get paid for your organizing skills!

✔ And that’s really just a taste of everything you are about to get access to…

Acey dives in with all she’s got and more. She wasn’t afraid to start off at $95/hr and she earned over $4,000 in her first 2 weeks from just 3 clients!

All I have to say is WOW, you rock it Acey and keep that fire going… Pretty amazing what you can do when you set your mind to something, right?

The Value of Everything You're Getting From This Training is Amazing Because It Does So Much For You...

✔ This is an action-based system, complete with step-by-step checklists that guide you through everything.

✔ By the end of the 12-modules, you’ll have your business established, your website live, your marketing in place, and the confidence to take on clients.

✔ You aren’t just learning, I’m walking you through carefully planned out action steps and giving you so much done-for-you material that will lead you to the success you’re after…

A Molly Maid Franchise Costs Around $15,000 and They Suggest Having Working Capital of Over $35,000!

And while what I have for you is basically like a franchise because I’m handing over all the tools, done-for-you website page wording, done-for-you marketing strategies and done-for-you ads, and the training to go along with it. You won’t need anywhere near $15,000 to get started…

The value you’re getting here is so much more than just education because you’re not just learning to organize. You’re getting your entire business established in these 12 modules.

So when I say my life’s work that I dedicated over 8 years to improving each and every year is worth $4997, I truly believe in the valueMany of my students have gone on to earn a full-time living working only part-time with minimal other expenses. 

The lives this training has changed is amazing and it’s so rewarding to be a part of that!

You Just Need One Mid-Size Client and Your Entire Investment Is Paid For!

Cynthia Murray, Professional Organizer

Ready to join me and my network of hundreds of professional organizers?

If you like, love, or are passionate about organizing, there is no other career choice that beats Professional Organizing. You get to earn a living doing what you love and really making a difference!

Organizing in general is just something you do, but when it’s for another person, who is overwhelmed and has no idea where to start, you become a “miracle worker,” a “life saver,” and your clients will be forever thankful. Are you ready to experience this for yourself?

Again, I ask, do you think you have what it takes? Let’s get started!

Last Day to Enroll is September 29th

Enrollment is Closing Very Soon


Organizer Club, Professional Organizer, Wesley Chapel, FL

Our Students Are Staying Booked!

Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via facebook, email or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.

But wait, that's not all...

You're Also Getting...

When you enroll today, you’re not just getting the “Art of Professional Organizing” 12-Module System, you’ll also be getting all of the following at no additional cost…

Bonus 1: Irresistible Client Intake System

[Added value $397]

The first bonus is my Irresistible Client Intake System, which is a $397 value. When I first started my business, I winged this.  Every new client went through a different process. I wasn’t systematized and I didn’t have things running smoothly. I DON’T want that for you because you’ll waste time, lose out on projects, and you won’t reach the success you’re after.

So you get my exact Irresistible Client Intake System.  This is the same process that makes getting potential clients excited and ready to work with you. It took me over a year to figure this stuff out and you’re getting the winning formula. I’ll show you the template and I’ll show you how to walk your potential clients through it. It makes the part of getting clients on board and excited really really easy.

Bonus 2: Perfect In-Home Walk Through Checklist

[Added value $347]

To make this as easy for you as possible, you are also getting my Perfect In-Home Walk Through Checklist. This makes running your business as a PRO as easy as it can get.  You’ll even get paid to walk your clients through this, pretty cool right? All you do is make a copy of my perfect walkthrough checklist, put in your own logo, and you’re good to go.

I’ll be showing you how to do all of that and how to walk through all of this with your clients. It’s all there. There’s videos, the templates, everything is plug and play for you ready to go. I’ve made this as easy as I could think of for you to really have this be as profitable from the start as possible.

Bonus 3: Drag and Drop Marketing Solution for Your Business

[Added value $4,997]

I’ve got a question for you…I want to ask you, do you want more? Well, I want to give you more because I know you’re going to really really want this next one here. This bonus is HUGE. This could literally be sold on it’s own because of how much time it will save you. 

This next bonus is your “Drag and Drop Marketing Solution for Your Business.” This is the secret sauce. Without clients, none of what I’m teaching will work. This bonus includes ALL of your plug-n-play website pages, PLUS ads, all tested to get fast results.

All you do is swap out my name with yours, change out the logos, and you’re good to go. Super easy and will save you over 30 hours of writing and figuring things out on your own like I had to do. Sadly, this is something most people get stuck on and never get their business off the ground because of it. But that’s why all of this is here in Bonus #3, it’s because I know you need this and I want to ensure your success.

So you’re not just getting the Art of PO training that goes over all this, you’re getting access to the complete Drag and Drop Marketing solution that’s already done for you and ready to plug and play for your business. It’ll allow you to easily and consistently draw in clients and reach that Six-Figure level.

I’ve seen some organizers who’ve been in business for over 10 years who still haven’t figured this out and instead rely on networking and word of mouth. That’s why it’s super important to get this right from the start so your business can work for you, not against you, right?

Bonus 4: Done-For-You Contracts and Forms

[Added value $997]

You won’t have to worry about finding a lawyer or getting any of these drafted for your business because I’ve already done the research and work for you! Major, Major time and money saver here and, yours free, as part of the “Art of Professional Organizing” package you’re getting today…

✔ Client Intake Form

✔ Multiple Versions of the Testimonial Request Form

✔ Multiple Versions of the Liability Waiver

✔ Consulting services agreement

✔ And Your Working Agreement

Bonus 5: Organizers Accountability Facebook Group

[Added value $1,997]

So you’re going to get the same training and be taken through the same proven roadmap that all those others found success through, but you’re not just getting that. You’re also getting the support that goes with it!

✔ Want to hangout with all those students I mentioned above? Most of them, along with more than 500 others, are in there and active… Ready to share with you!

✔ What about others to bounce ideas off and brainstorm?

✔ Ever feeling down, post about it. Not sure about something, post about it! Got your first client? Post about it! Everyone is so supportive and we love to cheer each other on!

And Your Professional Certificate of Completion

Your very own Certificate of Completion once you’ve finished the training, with your very own title of “Professional Organizer,” if your clients ask, now you can show them you’re trained and ready to help!

✔ Like everything else, there’s no charge to take the exam because it’s included free with the package today.

✔ To get it, simply complete the training and pass the exam which consists of 60 questions. Retake as needed.

✔ Once you have it, you should feel proud and confident in your skills as a Professional Organizer and can start helping others reclaim their spaces and find peace and joy again!

Last Day to Enroll is September 29th

Enrollment is Closing Very Soon


Organizer Club, Professional Organizer, Wesley Chapel, FL

What Students Have Been Saying...

Commonly Asked Questions

With the Corona-19 outbreak, is now a good time to start?

It depends on your situation. Many people have wanted to start a professional organizing business for awhile, but could never find the time. While unfortunate, many people are now home-bound with extra time. With that in mind, it could be a great opportunity to use this time to get things set up, launched and ready for when the current outbreak passes, not to mention the Virtual Organizing aspect…

Because of the Corona-19 virus, we’ve also recently released Virtual Organizing training in partnership with 12-year veteran Miriam Ortiz y Pino.  Many organizers have worked 100% from home offering support over video sharing sessions where you are more of a coach helping your clients through the process.

How much time do I need to go through the training?

It’s designed as a 12 module course, but some students have managed to get through everything within just a few weeks. It really depends on how much time and dedication you have to get this up and running quickly. The videos themselves are not too long, it’s just a matter of making the time to do what it shown in the training.

If you really wanted to you could be up and running in a few weeks and have your first clients coming in all within the next 30 days. Again, it’s up to you and what your current availability looks like.

What other expenses are involved?

Unlike most businesses, your start up costs are very low. You’ll want some basic things like a work bag, measuring tape, notebooks, gloves, things like that.

You’ll also probably want some business cards, which you don’t even technically need, but they do make you look more professional. As far as registering your business, I recommend using a LLC, which is about $100-$200 depending on where you live, but many of our students have started as a sole proprietor, which is free to do.

What about setting up a website?

That’s covered as part of the 12-module training you’re getting. The first 6 modules is all about organizing and working with clients and the second 6 modules is all about marketing, setting up your website, and getting clients.

Everything is step-by-step and we do a lot of website reviews within the private group too. We’ll make sure you’re on track and set up for success!

Do I get access upfront to everything included?

Yes, once you’re signed up, we’ll make sure your access is fully unlocked so you can have everything upfront. You can go through everything just as quickly or as slowly as you like. It’s all in there waiting for you to dive in and get going!

Do you cover insurance?

Yes, under the business foundations section I talk about insurance options and whether or not you should worry about it getting it. The quick answer is that it usually costs several hundred dollars a year to be insured, so if your on a tight budget I recommend using the liability waiver at first until your business takes off. The liability waiver is included as well as all the other contracts and documents you need.

Do you have to go shopping for clients?

This is typically part of the offering of picking up the organizing supplies needed. I recommend charging 1/2 your normal hourly rate to shop for your client and it’s never been a problem for me in the past. Sometimes the clients will go with you, which can be a lot of fun, but usually, you’ll go by yourself and pick up what’s needed.

I’m scared of running into a “Hoarding” type situation, does that happen a lot?

This was one of my concerns too because shows like Hoarders make it seem all too common, but the thing is, you’ll usually know if you’re coming into a Hoarding situation before you arrive.  This is because those who hoard do not realize they have a problem and they aren’t the ones reaching out for help. It would likely be a friend or family member reaching out to you and they would tell you the severity of the issue. 

If you do come across something like this, I always recommend referring them to a specialist in this area because Hoarding is a psychological issue and most organizers aren’t trained nor should be approaching these projects by themselves.

I suffer severely from self-doubt, like I want to do this, but I really doubt myself

I definitely get that. I’ve been there myself and many of our students go through the exact same thing. Our group is very encouraging and supportive, which helps, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of pushing through and having enough belief to see if this is going to work yourself.

I can tell you all day long and share stories of those who have done this, but it won’t become real for you until it actually does. And the only way to make that happen is to focus on taking action rather than thinking about whether or not it will work for you. 

Take action, take more action, if something isn’t working, let me know, if you’re stuck on something, let me know!

There’s literally no way this can’t work for you if you continue to make progress and reach out when you are stuck. I’m here for you, our group is here for you, and it’s my mission to help you reach success!

What if I can only work weekends at first?

That is perfectly OK because clients are usually flexible and will work with your availability. If they aren’t then it’s not that big of a deal because another client will be. 

Also, if you’re only working weekends at first that means you’re not looking for a huge amount of clients anyways. So you can just make your availability known and take on clients who that works for. Cindy from earlier works full time, so she’s working two nights a week and Saturdays. It works for her and her long term client, so yes, you can make this work if you only have certain days you can do this.

What do you do if you accidentally break something while on the job?

This is all covered in the liability waiver that you’ll have your clients sign, but regardless of the protection the document gives, I always try to make it right. Whether that’s with some free organizing time, or replacing a broken item, I think it’s important to do the right thing. If you have insurance, that will help too, but if you don’t, make sure you are using the liability waiver, and you should be using this regardless.

Does the training cover hiring and partnering?

Yes, this is covered and it’s a great way to grow and expand your business once you’re ready for it. You’ll also sometimes need to work with handymen if you need something installed and you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself. This is all covered so you’re ready if, and when, this comes up.

Is it ok for organizers to take breaks as needed?

Of course, no one is expected to work without taking breaks. Most of our students even have this written in as part of the contract. Usually you won’t charge your clients for pre-set breaks and if you’re doing a long session, it’s normal to schedule in an extra 30min or so to take either a lunch or dinner break.

Am I allowed to post client pictures in the group for help?

Most definitely, we have a lot of students that do this to either show off projects they’ve worked on or to ask for advice on what other would do. The only thing we ask is to make sure no personal client information is shown in the pictures. We’re very big on keeping client info confidential!

I joined, but I’m having trouble accessing

Sometimes this is due to entering your email address incorrectly, but we’ll get you taken care of. All you have to do is email our support team at and we’ll get this fixed for you right away. We won’t leave you hanging! If you haven’t joined yet, be sure to carefully type in your email address!

Does this work in small towns as well?

Yes, we’ve had many students who live in small towns. Kamryn, the one who I mentioned earlier who had 14 clients in her first two months lives in Mansfield, Ohio, which has a population of close to 50,000. Now if you live in a 1 stop light type of town, you should be willing to drive to a nearby town to make this work.

I’m so scared of jumping into this… Would it make sense to work “under” another organizer for my first few projects?

Some of our students have done this, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. Your first client will always be the “ice breaker” for you. Then, it will all start to feel like it just comes naturally. If you really want to work under someone first, you’re free to connect with others in our group and most are more than happy to have you tag along to gain some experience that way.

Everyone in my area is really cheap, I don’t think this will fly where I live…

The thing about that is you don’t need EVERYONE and you can’t really classify everyone into the same group. A percentage of people in your area will see the value in getting organized and be willing to pay for it. You only need a handful of clients each month to do really really well with this.

Wow, I made it to the bottom. What's this all about and how can I get started as a Professional Organizer?

The Art of Professional Organizing 12-Module Package gives you everything and more that you need to succeed in this industry. My success and hundreds of other students have proven the concepts over and over again.

In addition to the LIFETIME 12-Module Training access, you’re also getting LIFETIME access to the incredible Private Facebook Group with ongoing coaching, the Clients on Demand Strategy complete with a 14 page done-for-you script for running your own webinars, Get Yourself Organized with Sonya Fehér and Myself so you can set yourself up the foundation for your business, the 5 Lawyer-Approved Client Contact Templates, your very own Professional Certificate of Completion, and you’ll even get our “Organizing is My Superpower” T-Shirt!

All of this, created in an orderly and systematized way to ensure your success as a Professional Organizer!

If you want to become a Professional Organizer, what you need to do, right now, is click “Add to Cart” below…

The Art of Professional Organizing 12-Module Package gives you everything and more that you need to succeed in this industry. My success and hundreds of other students have proven the concepts over and over again.

In addition to the LIFETIME 12-Module Training access, you’re also getting LIFETIME access to the Private Facebook Group with ongoing coaching, the Clients on Demand Strategy complete with a 14 page done-for-you script for running your own webinars, Get Yourself Organized with Sonya Fehér and Myself so you can set yourself up the foundation for your business, the 5 Lawyer-Approved Client Contact Templates, your very own Professional Certificate of Completion, and you’ll even get our “Organizing is My Superpower” T-Shirt!

All of this, created in an orderly and systematized way to ensure your success as a Professional Organizer! If you want to become a Professional Organizer, what you need to do, right now, is click “Add to Cart” below…

Last Day to Enroll is September 29th

Enrollment is Closing Very Soon


Organizer Club, Professional Organizer, Wesley Chapel, FL