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Organizer.Club Member Benefits:

6-Week Personal Organizing Training

If you’re just looking to get organized yourself, these 6 weeks will be as if you are working right alongside a professional organizer who is coaching you through the process.

The beginning of this course will teach you the basics, but we will be jumping in from week 1 on an actual organizing project.

Take things step-by-step and you’ll be amazed at the transformation that you’ll make in your life!

"Organizers on the Job" Series

Once a month, we’ll release a new episode featuring a professional organizer working on an organizing project for one of their real clients. What better way to learn?

As the professional organizers transform their clients spaces, they’ll explain what they’re doing and why things are being done so you can implement everything into your own projects.

This is a brand new series and episode 1 is available.

Monthly Organizing Contests

To keep things fun, once a month we will host an organizing contest for all members with prizes ranging from $100-$500.

These are organizing contests that everyone should be able to participate in. Things like small organizing projects, being creative, purging challenges, creating fun organizing tip videos, etc.

The idea is to base the organizing contests around concepts that will benefit all members. The winners for each contest will be announced at the beginning of each month.

Private Members Only Group

As a member, you’ll get access to our private members only group where you’ll receive advice and support from others who share the same goals as you.

Both experienced professional organizers and those just starting out are all welcome in the group!

12-Week Art of Organizing Training

This is our flagship course on starting your own professional organizing business.  It’s broken down into 12 simple weeks with over 100 videos complete with checklists, printouts, forms and contract documents to use with clients.

Week 1 through 6:  The first 6 weeks are all about organizing and how to work with clients. The idea is to prepare you to work with clients before jumping into your business set up.

Week 7 through 12: it’s all about establishing you in your local area as a professional organizer who is knowledgeable, passionate, and ready to take on clients!

Forms, Documents, and Extras: Also included are all the contract documents to use with clients, template wording for your website and ads, plus more!
This 12-week training is based on our own experience of launching a successful professional organizing and from helping 1000’s of others become professional organizers.

Even though it’s a “12-Week Course,” everything is at your own pace and you can take as long as you need on each week. Our goal for you is daily progress towards your goals!

Bi-Weekly Webinars with Guest Experts

These webinars are part of our Preferred Organizer Association, which alone used to cost $29.97/mo, but is now included as an added Organizer.Club benefit.

We have an archive of over 70 past 1 hour webinars on many topics relating to organizing, marketing, and business.

Here are some examples of past webinars:

  • Profitable Pricing: How to Charge What You’re Worth
  • The 3 R’s of Organizing: Release, Reimagine, Repeat
  • My Biggest Income Month as a Professional Organizer
  • Excel as an Entrepreneur with a Well-Balanced Life
We host these webinars live every 2-3 weeks so you’ll be able to ask the speaker any follow up questions you may have!

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6-Week Training

ONLY the 6-Week Training
$ 97
  • 6-Week Get Organized Yourself
  • Bonus: "Organizers on the Job"
  • Bonus: Video Walkthroughs
  • Bonus: Private Members Group


6-Week Training + Monthly Benefits
$ 97
+ 29/Month
  • 6-Week Get Organized Yourself
  • Bonus: "Organizers on the Job"
  • Bonus: Video Walkthroughs
  • Bonus: Private Members Group
  • 12-Week Art of Organizing
  • Bi-Weekly Webinars with Experts
  • Monthly Contests
  • Forms, Documents, Extras
  • First 30 Days of Membership Free
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