How to Master the Art of Estate Clearing So You Can Add a Valuable and Profitable Stand-Alone Service to Your Organizing Business...

If you’re a professional organizer, then this 3-part training will be extremely valuable to you. It allows you to increase the number of services you offer and helps you to take your business to the next level!

Sarah Stitham

As a 14 year veteran professional organizer, coach, and freelance entrepreneur, Sarah Stitham is passionate about everything she does. She has helped many aspiring organizers reach their personal and professional goals and run successful businesses… Now is your chance to learn from Sarah with her 3-part Estate Clearing Secrets course.

What is Estate Clearing and is providing this service right for you?

Estate clearing takes place when someone passes away and the family of that person needs help clearing out all belongings in the estate (typically a house) in order to list it on the market.

  • You get to be the one in charge and guide them through the process.
  • You help them by color coding who is going to get what and designating where items will go (storage, donation center, to a family member’s home, etc.).
  • You will help organize items together and work with different companies by overseeing the processes of everything (movers, appraisers, auctioneers, etc.) Also, you don’t need to know how to do all of those things, you are only facilitating them.
  • You will need to be detail orientated by photographing and documenting absolutely everything. That is a big part of this project, but professional organizers should have no problem being able to do this… especially with Sarah’s guidance!

So, if you’re interested in offering an additional service that’s perfect for a professional organizer to handle… Then Estate Clearing is a great choice and can make a very nice addition to your business!

Inside This Estate Clearing 3-Part Training You'll Get:

Sarah’s 3 hours of advanced training (broken into 3 sessions). This is where you’ll discover how to prepare for estate clearing projects, how to market this service, and how to complete an estate clearing project from A to Z. Estate clearing jobs are project based and typically go for thousands of dollars. (This is a great service to be able to provide!)

In addition to the training, you’ll receive all of Sarah’s materials that you’ll need as you prepare for and work on these types of projects; You’ll get the Client Qualifying Form, Client Welcome Letter, Website Marketing Template, Estate Clearing Agreement, Your Team – Strategic Partners List, Customizable Itemized Donation Form, Total Donation Form, and the Menu of Services. The materials alone have a total value of $300+

To make it even better, there is no waiting time! You’ll have immediate access to all 3 hours of the training, all the forms and documents, as well as the complete transcripts!

The total value for everything you’ll learn along with the materials you get is worth thousands of dollars in potential future estate clearing projects… and, today, you can get everything for just one payment of $149. You get all of Sarah’s materials and you get instant and life-time access to everything)

At just $149 for the Estate Clearing Secrets, this is a tremendous value! Your Order Today is also protected with our 30-Day, No Questions Asked, Satisfaction Guarantee

This course provided the knowledge and the tools I need to not only handle Estate Clearing jobs, but also downsizing jobs! It was hands-down, the BEST investment I have made in my business thus far!
Verified Customer
I thoroughly enjoyed the way Sarah broke it down, shared her experience, and went over the forms. The last session when she went through the whole process was so helpful to see from start to finish.
Verified Customer
I must've taken at least 7 pages of notes if not more. I gained so much valuable knowledge and insight. I've found so much more potential of different paths a professional organizer can take.
Verified Customer